Statement of Congressman Tom Suozzi – April 6, 2019, Uyghur Freedom Rally

April 6, 2019

Congressman Tom Suozzi stands with the Uyghurs! He has sponsored legislation to help shed light on the persecution of the Uyghurs and he will continue to speak out on their behalf.

Congressman Suozzi says “The Chinese government’s authoritarian state uses re-education camps and surveillance methods that it pioneered in Tibet to target Uyghurs in Xinjiang, where the Chinese government has created a surveillance state unlike anything the world has seen.

The Chinese Communist Party’s campaign to destroy the cultural and religious identities of ethnic minorities requires more than just words of condemnation, it requires U.S. leadership and action.

I am proud to be part of a legislative body that advocates for the Uyghurs, and for human rights and the rule of law in China. I, along with Representative Smith, and Senators Rubio and Menendez, am leading The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act, to hold accountable Chinese officials and businesses responsible for heinous human rights abuses. I am proud to say that Speaker Pelosi has cosponsored this legislation. I will fight for the Uyghurs. The United States’ strength is in our values, and our policies should not be separated from them. We must not lose hope and we must continue to fight for the good of humanity. Thank you for your activism and commitment today, and I wish you all the best and offer you my support in your continued efforts to free the Uyghurs.”

This post was originally published on UYGHUR HUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT BLOG.