NBN And The Continuing Tales Of Corruption

The mainstream media and the federal government are still making their push to open borders, even though the continuing threat to public health is still there.

Border closures are quite popular in the states and territories – 91 per cent support in Western Australia – and it’s difficult to understand why vested interests are making this push, when the public support to open up borders is not there.

But as we all know, anything is possible when vested interests hold hands with the Liberal government, which seems to be more often than not.

The federal government is also in the habit of recycling, but not in the way we’d expect them to. Old programs, old ideas, old announcements are spruced up, polished and re-issued, sometimes the announcements contain exactly the same words as their previous announcements – coronavirus vaccines, “gas-led recoveries”, for example.

It’s a sign of a government that doesn’t know what it’s doing and doesn’t have ideas.

Problems in the National Party? Of course there are: it’s a moribund organisation, and in such personality-based political party, it’s always going to cause trouble for its Coalition partner.

It’s not a week in politics unless there’s a report of more corruption in the federal government. A parcel of land worth $3 million was purchased by the government for $30 million. If only the government was able to purchase integrity, but how much would that cost?

The NBN is supposedly going to be fibre-to-the-premises in three years time, but it’s all smoke and mirrors, just to create a positive media message. It’s supposedly going to cost $3.5 billion and be completed by 2023, but it’s more than likely never going to happen.

The Liberal–National Government will never acknowledge this, but they were wrong to cancel the original full-fibre NBN and embark on their crazy mixed method technology, which ended up being a colossal waste of money and time. And resulted in a broadband that is ranked 66th in the world speed charts.

Did anyone mention ‘back-flip’?

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