Mr Morrison Goes To Tokyo, Spin And The Cormann Con

Mr Morrison went to Tokyo and returned empty-handed. But the 24-hour trip was never about Japan, it was all about continuing to avoid scrutiny and land the Prime Minister into a two-week quarantine at the Lodge – just enough to avoid the final Question Time of the year. Very convenient. And, of course, two weeks with the official photographer, ready to snap every pair of board shorts, thongs, exercise bikes and COVID test. It’s outright propaganda.

Meanwhile, Mathias Cormann is using a taxpayer military jet (and eight government staff) to boost his chances of becoming the Secretary-General of the OECD. But when your chances were zero, any kind of support is not going to make too much difference and we suspect this is a gig Cormann will not get. But which Prime Minister is going to stand in the way of the ambition of someone who collated all the numbers to bring him the primeministership in the first place?

How many pizzas are needed to lock down an entire city? No, it’s not an Adelaidian joke, it’s a serious concern in the City of Churches. But it wasn’t the “pizza guy” who caused the lock-down, it was government incompetence.

The Brereton Report outlined allegations of war crimes against Australian military personnel in Afghanistan, and we’re sure this is going to create a great amount of angst within the military community – as well as guaranteed to ensure Scott Morrison keeps aways from tanks at the next election campaign.

And will the December “killing season” cause any problems for the Labor leader, Anthony Albanese? We think it could be on the cards.

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