Beat ’em Up, Donatello! (Въеби ему, Донателло!) – Casey Jones / Dancing Alone | Audiotree INT’L

Въеби ему, Донателло! (tr. Beat ’em up, Donatello!) is a Russian four-piece band from Moscow. Their music incorporates elements of emo, math rock, jazz, and hip-hop. The band released their first self-titled album in 2016 and instantly fascinated local underground scene. They really hit a raw nerve by screaming about good old childhood days and discovering loss. Around 2018 the band were joined by a cellist and their later single “Кейси Джонс» (tr. Casey Jones) featured a darker, more intimate sound.

Earlier this year Beat ’em up, Donatello! released their second album “Сутки через двое» (tr. roughly as Three-day shift) While embracing traditional emo themes and sounds, this time around the band added electronic textures and noir-ish vibe. Their new songs take you out to the dark, slushy and vicious streets of reimagined Moscow only to submerge you in ever so familiar angst.

1. 0:19 Casey Jones
2. 5:52 Dancing Alone

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Video Credits
Director and Editor: Alexander Galich
Camera: Sonya Demidova, Roman Renton, Yuri Polishchuk, Alexander Bizyukov
Recording & Mixing: Andery Romanov

Thumbnail Photo by Alexander Galich


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