2020: The End of “American Thanksgiving”

When thanks-giving, a day of giving thanks, is directly yet (hush) indirectly associated with betrayal of trust and brutal mass genocide – it’s disingenuous at best.

It would be wonderful for these two things to be severed as ideas and associations at the soonest possible moment – a day for each, if you will.

Let’s have a day of pure-hearted gratitude spent with those we love, and let’s have a day to – what – have that conversation that’s been ringing in our ears for centuries now.

The conversation about the promise finally being true, handshakes meaning friendship, true words meeting courageous actions, reciprocity not atrocity.  That conversation ringing in our ears for centuries.

Let 2020 be the end of “American Thanksgiving.”

Let 2020 be the end of “American Thanksgiving.”

In the year that statues toppled, in the year that the compassionate people of the world stood for African Life, in the year that it seemed all things got reexamined, in that year may this holiday split into two.

May “American Thanksgiving” go forward to become two separate honest days full of conversations.

One a day of joyful gratitude, thanks-giving (something Indigenous people are obviously quite culturally well-known for), a day of humanity, a day of right relationships, a day to celebrate life.

And the second honest day a day to initiate a tide change of history: to speak liberating truth, and make good on a long-overdue promise of friendship, respect, equality, trust, and life.

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