A Short Summary of the Election Fraud Grift

Operation Condition Red

Trump and right-wing media claim 2.7 million votes for Trump were changed to votes for Biden. It was pulled off using a secret server in a fortified, secret CIA computer outpost in Germany, not in Spain, as Trump attorney Sydney Powell first claimed. We know this because Gen. Jack D. Ripper, err, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF Ret.) let us in on how the damning evidence was secured at a cost of Special Forces lives in a firefight with the CIA.

“In addition, the U.S. special forces command seized a server farm in Frankfurt, Germany, because they were sending this data from those six states through the internet to Spain and then into Frankfurt, Germany. Special operation forces seized those, that facility, so they have those servers and they know all this data they are providing.

Well, I’ve heard it didn’t go down without incident, and I haven’t been able to verify it. I want to be careful in that. It’s just coming out, but I understand — my initial report is — that there were U.S. soldiers killed in that operation. Now, that was a CIA operation, and so that’s the very worrisome thing.” ~ Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

Operation Gimcrack

When looking deeper into the plot, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, as he told a government Hearing, found out the origins of the scheme. According to Rudy, two of the voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems executives met with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in 2018 to work out the fraud. (I heard they also smoked a couple fatties with Che, while there. Chavez died in 2013.)

And if 2.7 million CIA-changed votes by way of socialist bastions like Venezuela, Germany, Spain…weren’t enough, Giuliani, drunken actresses, et al. also claimed there was voter intimidation; ballot stuffing; votes changed by poll workers; tens of thousands of ballots in garbage trucks, in ditches, burned; a last second appearance out of thin air of 500,000 Biden votes in Virginia…

Operation Blind Faith

Somehow, just as they want us to believe that hundreds of thousands of doctors worldwide have conspired to push a false pandemic and thousands of scientist conspire to push false Carbon Pollution data, they also want us to believe that thousands of poll workers, voting machine company personnel, politicians, media stalwarts… have conspired in what would be one of the biggest conspiracies ever? And, the perps all are keeping their mouths shut? THIS is a country with a couple hundred million blabbermouths. Americans will go on TV and talk about having sex with their lawn tractors, fer Gaiasakes!

So far, the sole person who claimed to be in on it, a Postal worker, retracted his claim.

Grifters Gotta Grift

As long as Trump can keep his campaign open, he can continue to raise funds for his “Stop the Steal” nonsense. According to preposterous Campaign Finance law, monies donated to a candidate’s “leadership” Political Action Committee in sums under $5000 can, if unspent when the Campaign officially closes the books, be converted into personal funds of the candidate himself.

As of right now, the “Stop the Steal” grift has raised around $200 million with the vast majority in sums under $100. The PAC has spent around $8 million on Rudy et al.’s 1-43 election lawsuit record.

Cultists Gotta Be Blind 

As Trump exits the White House, he will be wallowing in tens of millions gained from a lot of $20 donations from the very marks he’s exploited all along. He plans to string along the grift for years. Prepare for the pay-per-rant Trump Surreality TV Network and the 2024 PAC.

No matter how bad things get for the cultists personally (and things will get precarious), as long as Trump hates the same people they hate, they still will believe in him! And send him money.

This post was originally published on Radio Free.