1/8/21: Trump Banned, Republicans Crumble

–On the Show:

–Donald Trump is banned from Facebook indefinitely, and at least until the end of his presidency, as Mark Zuckerberg calls out Trump’s use of Facebook to incite supporters and spread disinformation

–Donald Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr accuses Donald Trump of betrayal of the Presidency for inciting a riotous insurrection on January 6th

–Trump has lost everything for the Republican Party

–Caller asks about what Democrats should do with their Senate majority

–Caller warns about Democratic losses in the House

–Caller talks about fixing the radical right-wing media

–Caller wonders if Democrats can add Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states

–Caller is making bagels

–Caller wonders if Trump and Republicans should be called “fascists”

–Caller asks what state Democrats can win next after Georgia

–Audience Question: Is civil war going to break out in the United States?

–Audience Question: How do you deal with increased “demand” if single payer health care passes?

–Audience Question: Is Biden crazy for thinking Republicans will work for him?

–On the Bonus Show: Fallout from the Trump coup, 25th amendment and impeachment, much more…

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