Alumni “Valu” Obiajulu on BBC World

Everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to call home. In Lagos, Nigeria corruption brings crime to every level of a society and causes infrastructure to languish. Dance can be attention grabbing, visceral, and powerful way to communicate ideas and emotions when political and legislative avenues are fruitless. This is why BBC World talked to Center for Artistic Activism alumni, Ozegbe Sunday “Valu” Obiajulu about his public, political, dance performances. Watch:

“How do you bring government’s attention to the glight of your community? For Ozegbe Sunday Obiajulu, the answer is through dance. He lives in Oworonshoki one of the most deprived communities in Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos. The area is known for high levels of crime and a chronic lack of infrastructure.

Oiajulu hopes is street performances can bring about change. Here’s his story…”

BBC World

This post was originally published on News – The Center for Artistic Activism.