Black History Month celebrations in Manhattan organize by NYPD.

New York,

The New York Police Department hosted a Black History Month celebration in Manhattan. The police drum band performed a beautiful song.

The New York Police, community department organizes various programs to improve its public image. On the closing day of Black History Month, the New York Police Department held a spectacular event in the Manhattan area.

Gail Brewer, President of the Manhattan Borough, who was the guest of honor at the event, said that the role of blacks in the development of the United States cannot be forgotten.

The children’s from the church gave a wonderful performance on the occasion which was well appreciated by the audience

Police officer Muhammad and female police officer Mashal Gabriel said that cooperation between the police and the community is essential.

During the police drum parade, ICNA Relief also set up camp and distributes hygiene kits, masks and food to the participants.

Shabbir Gul leader of ICNA Relief said that, his organization not only helps the needy but also works to keep the community together.

The event featured a quiz show and gifts were distributed to participants.

This post was originally published on VOSA.