Green Climate Fund whistleblowers urge US to take its money elsewhere

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The Green Climate Fund is a beacon of rich-poor cooperation on tackling the climate crisis, reports Climate Change News.

A newly reengaged US is considering a multi-billion-dollar contribution.

However, whistleblowers say a “toxic” workplace and lack of integrity at senior levels jeopardise the fund’s ability to meet its mandate.

Without urgent reform, they say, the US should find other channels for climate finance.

Climate Change News reports that while John Kerry promises to “make good” on a $2 billion pledge to the GCF, the UN’s flagship fund faces critically low confidence in its senior management

The presidential climate envoy is seeking to rebuild bridges with the rest of the world after former President Donald Trump reneged on US climate commitments.

Delivering a $2 billion outstanding pledge to the UN-backed climate fund, for distribution to projects in developing countries, is widely seen as a good place to start.

Campaigners are calling on the Biden administration to commit a further $6 billion to the fund.

Unless there is urgent reform, reports Climate Change News editor Megan Darby in an investigation, whistleblowers tell Climate Home News, the money would be better directed elsewhere.

Three employees of the GCF secretariat who quit in 2019 and 2020 cite concerns about a lack of integrity in vetting projects and abuses of power creating a hostile working environment.

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