2545 – Why Democrats are Fighting for Labor & Organizing for the Unhoused in Austin w/ Dave Weigel & Seneca Savoie

Sam and Emma host Washington Post national politics reporter Dave Weigel to discuss the on-going union organizing efforts in Alabama and how Democrats are leveraging them to their political advantage. Weigel offers his take on how the Biden administration has operated differently so far from previous Democratic administrations, particularly how Biden has not (yet) scaled back ambitions to meet the political moment. Weigel and Sam also discuss the staffing efforts in DC and how young Democratic operatives are starting to rediscover LBJ-style material politics. Then Seneca Savoie of Homes Not Handcuffs in Austin joins us to discuss organizing efforts to end criminal charges against homelessness in Austin.

And in the Fun Half: Sam agrees with Michael Knowles on cancel culture, why red states refuse to offer Medicaid expansion, Dave Rubin is putting on his trial lawyer hat, white-knuckling through cancel culture, Brian Kilmeade understands slavery because of Roots, a daylight saving debate, plus your IMs!

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This post was originally published on The Majority Report with Sam Seder.