Headlines for April 1, 2024

Israel Ends Siege on Al-Shifa Hospital After Killing More Than 400 Palestinians, Israeli Airstrike on Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital Kills Four; Injured Include Seven Journalists, Israel Creates “Kill Zones” in Gaza Where Soldiers Are Ordered to Shoot and Kill Everyone, Biden Admin Authorizes Billions of Dollars in New Bombs & Fighter Jets for Israel, Mass Protests in Israel Call for Ceasefire & Removal of Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Land Day Protests Held Across Globe, Smith College Students Continue Occupation Calling for School to Divest From Weapons Manufacturers, Pope Francis Repeats Call for Ceasefire in Gaza, Rep. Walberg (R-MI) Calls for Gaza to Be Bombed “Like Nagasaki and Hiroshima”, Blast Injures Three U.N. Military Observers & Translator in Lebanon, Trump Posts Video of a Hogtied Biden, Continues to Verbally Attack New York Judge’s Daughter, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Suffers Major Blow as Turkish Cities Vote for Opposition Party Mayors, Peruvian Police Raid President Dina Boluarte’s Home Amid “Rolexgate” Investigation, Transgender Day of Visibility Sees Rallies, Celebrations, and GOP Attacks, Eight Chinese Migrants Found Dead on Mexican Beach After Boat Capsizes, California Fast-Food Workers Are Now Making at Least $20/Hour, Louis Gossett Jr., First Black Actor to Win Best Supporting Actor Oscar, Dies at 87

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» Headlines for April 1, 2024 | Democracy Now! | radiofree.asia | https://radiofree.asia/2024/04/01/headlines-for-april-1-2024-2/ | 2024-04-14T14:03:49+00:00
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