Online Panel: Journal Rappé and The Peace Poets

We’re so excited about this.

Keyti is based in Senegal, one of our Artistic Activism trainers for the Regional Creative Hubs, and a co-founder of Journal Rappé. The project takes current affairs and in-depth reporting, puts it to a beat, and edits together a 10+ minute report published on YouTube. This year, their work was featured in the Munich Biennial.

Lu Aya

Lu Aya is part of the Bronx-based Peace Poets, “a family born of Hip Hop, heart, and hope in New York City.” They use song and poetry to mobilize people for social change and have done education work in dozens of countries around the world. The Peace Poets are part of the Center for Artistic Activism Unstoppable Voters series.

Keyti and Lu have never met before this! Both their work uses Hip-Hop and performance in order to move toward better futures and we’re excited to hear the ideas behind their methods and insights they can share.

Join the Center for Artistic Activism’s Rebecca Bray and Steve Lambert, along with Keyti and Lu:
December 10 3:30pm EST
Register here

In the meantime, check out their work

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