Headlines for March 23, 2021

Man with AR-15 Assault Rifle Kills 10 in Boulder, CO, Supermarket, Colorado Judge Overturned Boulder’s Ban on Assault Weapons One Week Ahead of Massacre, CDC Warns Against Relaxing Public Health Measures at “Critical Point in the Pandemic”, AstraZeneca Submitted “Outdated Information” in COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Application, WHO Decries “Grotesque” Vaccination Gap Between Rich and Poor Nations, Saudi Arabia Proposes Yemen Ceasefire; Houthis Demand End to Devastating Blockade First, Hundreds Missing, Tens of Thousands Displaced by Fire in Rohingya Refugee Camp, 137 Killed in Niger Attacks After Constitutional Court Confirms Presidential Election, Boston Mayor and Former Union Leader Marty Walsh Confirmed as Secretary of Labor, White House Readying $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Jobs Bills, Biden Administration Will Cancel $1 Billion in Loans to Students Defrauded by For-Profit Colleges, Trump-Appointed Postmaster General Unveils Sweeping Austerity Plan for USPS, January 6 Insurrectionists Face Sedition Charges; GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Claims Many Weren’t Violent, Sidney Powell’s Lawyers Say “No Reasonable Person” Should Have Believed Her Claims of Election Fraud, Supreme Court Weighs Reinstating Death Sentence for Boston Marathon Bomber, Mexican Husband of Atlanta Shooting Victim Was Handcuffed by Police for Hours After Attack

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